Sanyuanli is a station on Line 2 of the Guangzhou Metro. For more details view the ExploreGuangzhou interactive Metro map centered on this station.

Basic facts

English Sanyuanli
Chinese (simplified) 三元里
Located on Line 2
Pronounciation Sānyuánlǐ

Map of Sanyuanli

Tips near Sanyuanli

بجانب مطعم عبدلله مطعم مسلم


Sep 29, 2013

exit d مدينه يولونج للملابس


Sep 21, 2014

بالقرب من هذي المحطة وعلى بعد ربع ساعة مشيا يوجد سوق كبير للحقائب والجلديات بكافة انواعها .. مخرج A1

Salah Saeed

Dec 1, 2014

Exit D for shopping, nice clothes for everybody.


Nov 20, 2013



Aug 2, 2014

at exit A1. there is a Muslim Restorant. good area around to live n shopping.

Muhammad Ayoub Bhatti

Sep 6, 2014

Exit A1, there is a good Halal restaurant. The name is Tasty Halal, the price is also reasonable

Zaw Soe

Oct 19, 2014

San yuan Lee hotel and halal food restaurants


Apr 7, 2015

sanyanli metroA1 halal resturant A2 goungyang hotel

obed khan

11 months ago

سوق الجناط الخروج من مخرج A تمشي سيده علئ طول، مشي تقريبا 10 دقايق توصل الئ سوق الجناط

بويوسف الصبر

9 months ago

madina hotel


5 months ago



4 months ago

مطعم عبد الله الاسلامى تحفة و أكله كتير بالنسبة للسعر

ام مهاب

2 months ago

exit A1 Bag market

Mahesh Patel

1 month ago


chee exit a

1 month ago

beauty shop walking 10minutes


1 month ago

First train/Last train