Sanyuanli is a station on Line 2 of the Guangzhou Metro. For more details view the ExploreGuangzhou interactive Metro map centered on this station.

Basic facts

English Sanyuanli
Chinese (simplified) 三元里
Located on Line 2
Pronounciation Sānyuánlǐ

Map of Sanyuanli

Tips near Sanyuanli

بجانب مطعم عبدلله مطعم مسلم


Sep 29, 2013

exit d مدينه يولونج للملابس


11 months ago

بالقرب من هذي المحطة وعلى بعد ربع ساعة مشيا يوجد سوق كبير للحقائب والجلديات بكافة انواعها .. مخرج A1

Salah Saeed

8 months ago

Exit D for shopping, nice clothes for everybody.


Nov 20, 2013



Aug 2, 2014

at exit A1. there is a Muslim Restorant. good area around to live n shopping.

Muhammad Ayoub Bhatti

11 months ago

Exit A1, there is a good Halal restaurant. The name is Tasty Halal, the price is also reasonable

Zaw Soe

10 months ago

San yuan Lee hotel and halal food restaurants


4 months ago

sanyanli metroA1 halal resturant A2 goungyang hotel

obed khan

2 months ago

سوق الجناط الخروج من مخرج A تمشي سيده علئ طول، مشي تقريبا 10 دقايق توصل الئ سوق الجناط

بويوسف الصبر

2 weeks ago

First train/Last train